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          Wheel Loaders Manufacturers & Exporters
          CONTACT US

          Wheel Loaders Manufacturers & Exporters - At RIGHT CHOICE MACHINERY we are always looking forward towards forging new partnerships with dealers and individuals throughout the world. If you would like more information on any of our wheel loaders, excavators or OEM services please feel free to contact us.

          No.60, Qinjian Street
          Zhongshang District
          Dalian Liaoning
          China (116001)
          Tel: (+86) 13478585715

          RIGHT CHOICE MACHINERY - Factory
          Industrial Zone
          Qingzhou District
          Weifang Shandong
          China (262500)
          Tel: (+86) 13478585715

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          - Under no circumstances should you send us a bank transfer to an account other than the one shown above.
          - Our billing details will never be modified or changed.

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