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          Mini Wheel Loader
          Photos RC08 Series

          RC08 Mini Wheel Loader - The RC08 Series model is the most recent of our mini wheel loaders to be developed. Its low cost, compact size and high quality has made it extremely popular for small size work sites and farms. Click here to compare models.

          zl08 wheel loaderThe RC08 wheel loader is an upgrade of the ZL08 wheel loader model and has been designed to perform optimally both on and off-road

          zl08F wheel loaderThis small sized compact wheel loader has an 2800 kg (6173 lbs) operating weight and a 800 kg (1764 lbs) loading capacity

          zl08 loaderThe RC08 (ZL08F wheel loader model) has a 0.4 m3 standard bucket and a maximum dumping height and reach of 2400 mm and 700 mm

          china wheel loader 0.8 tonIts total length, width and height is of 4700 mm (185"), 1200 mm (47") and 2300 mm (91") respectively

          0.8 ton loaderThe standard engine is a Changchai CZ2102 diesel engine with a 34hp (25 kW) at a 2400 rpm speed

          china wheel loaderAs like all of our wheel loaders the RC08 (ZL08F model) is of the highest quality and CE certified

          china wheel loader zl08The back-up camera allows the driver to work safely while backing up

          china loader manufacturerThe RC08's luxury cabin provides maximum comfort with additional leg-space and improved visibility angles

          zl08f loaderThe RC08's (ZL08F wheel loader) easy to use controls allows experienced and new drivers to operate the machine optimally in no time

          chinese mini wheel loaders
          The luxury cabin is fit with an adjustable shock absorbing seat

          china mini loaderMechanical joystick

          loader zl08Before their delivery each RC08 wheel loader is individually tested up to 12 hours to ensure their high quality and excellent performance

          wheel loaders zl08This four-wheel drive (4WD) has an oscillating rear axle and a hydrostatic transmission system

          buy mini loaderThe standard wheel are 31*15.0-15 which are ideal for off-road works

          zl08 mini loaderOptional attachments for the RC08 (ZL08F model) include 4-in-1 buckets, fork pallets, quick hitches and snow blades

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